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Our fake Mike Holmes story for April 1st ruffled feathers of a resident near Meadow Lake, SK

Eldon Gaw thought that the (joke) story about Mike Holmes creating a public disturbance ignored all the really great things about the real Meadow Lake, SK.

Well, it’s not just Mike Holmes’ staff who got upset at us on April 1 over our satirical April Fools post about the world’s leading contractor celebrity.

The post has been taken down, after a complaint from Mike Holmes’ digital people. (Sorry, folks. Though there are some extracts from the post here, if you missed it…)

The author of the satirical news story, John Bleasby, decided to have Mike Holmes questioned by police in the “fictional” town of Meadow Lake, SK. Holmes, according to the April Fools’ post, attracted the attention of police for creating a public disturbance outside a building supply store in Meadow Lake where he was doing – Bleasby’s “story” ran – a paid appearance. 

How were we to know that the town of Meadow Lake actually exists? 

In THIS post, a Northern Saskatchewan resident rushed to the defence – or publicity – of Meadow Lake, SK.

I guess the residents and police in Meadow Lake all have their heads in the sand or something?

In Meadow Lake, SK, this is questionable behaviour? “He was doing this weird muscle flexing thing and looking at his reflection in the store window,” said shopper Jenny Armour. “To be honest, it made me nervous.”

FYI, from the Meadow Lake website:

Population: 5,000.

Attractions: Attracts tourists looking for attractive natural settings in winter as well as summer. Hunters come here for the bear, deer and moose. Commercial fishing and trapping are also part of our connection to the natural wealth of the area. (I’m sure none of them ever make “Jenny” nervous on their four wheelers, their big trucks with campers in tow and all carrying “heat.”

Police officer quote from Constable Cook. “But we’ve never seen this Holmes fellow before.”

Better news is the fine businesses I see that operate in Meadow Lake. They support the community and the people, and they keep the town looking its best. Chamber of Commerce:

Heck, they even have a reporting site if you happen to spot one of the 83,000 street lights burned out… 83,000 lights for a town of 5,000! That’s 16.6 street lights for every person! WOW!

Tell us more about what makes a place good, rather than something that makes you nervous.  Like a man wearing a “muscle flexing” thing.

Welcome to The Harper Valley PTA. Just sayin’.

Eldon Gaw


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