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November 11, 2011 Voice

What Your Parents Never Taught You About Business

by Victoria Downing

Having worked in and around renovating and renovators for 20 years, there are some important truths I have gleaned about this wild and wooley business.  They aren’t neat and they aren’t obvious but they are true.   1.     Running a

November 8, 2011 Voice

Greek Lesson

by Robert Koci

I find it strange. When it comes to the finances of your reno business and your personal life, everyone expects you will use a well thought out budget as the core of a sustainable plan. It will include debt and/or

November 2, 2011 Voice

A hand up, not a hand out

by Robert Koci

By Rob Koci There is something truly pathetic about grown men in suits whining for government handouts, especially when they are builders and you are working 15 hours a day trying to make a go of an honest, above-board renovation

November 2, 2011 Voice

Your Leadership Style

by Glenn Gutek

By Glenn Gutek. In leadership, leaders must understand this simple truth: style does matter. The following six styles are the most prominent: Charismatic: This is leadership by infusion of energy often embodied in the leader. The style may encompass a

October 25, 2011 Voice

A Canadian View of the American Housing Industry

by Robert Koci

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, seasonally adjusting housing starts for September in that country hit 658,000 units. Canada’s rate for September was 205,900. The U.S. population is about 307 million. Canada’s is a bit over 34 million. A little