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December 19, 2019  

Do it without hesitation

Just over a month ago, we published an article

December 19, 2019  

CMHC is an enigma – here’s why

By Casey Edge Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is

December 12, 2019  

Inquiring minds want to know

In response to our recent article about the Phoenix

December 11, 2019  

Staying in the office

Recently, Canadian Contractor solicited the opinions of our RenoFocus

December 9, 2019  

Incentives for project managers

Recently, Canadian Contractor solicited the opinions of our RenoFocus

December 6, 2019  

I don’t fail at anything

A couple of years ago, Steve Maxwell wrote an

December 6, 2019  

You got a problem with that?

Well, it may have been over five years since

December 6, 2019  

Opinion: Montreal can be carbon neutral by 2050

Engineering firm believes Montreal could get there before Canada as a whole

November 28, 2019  

The power of a bad seed

In case you missed the original article, here it

November 28, 2019  

We finally found a hole in Giannis’ game

As those of you that follow the NBA know,

November 25, 2019  

What to do with demanding people

Steve Barkhouse of Ottawa-based Amsted Design-Build wrote the following

November 22, 2019  

Does Mike Holmes have trades training?

After reading our recent article about Mike Holmes’ column

November 22, 2019  

Free the Regulations

In response to Gene’s outrage over having to purchase

November 18, 2019  

Building codes: Ottawa behaving like Beijing, he says

Building codes MUST become free, another sensible reader urges. Maybe we can get this done by sometime in the next century.

November 18, 2019  

Caulking video response: Polyurethane is great stuff, but it is not the easiest to work with

Joe White cautions against trying to the same type of caulking bead shape with different types of caulk.

November 4, 2019  

A call to connect at the Toronto-based Builders Show Dec. 4th to 6th.

“I’m NOT an expert by any means. But why reinvent the wheel if there are people who have been there, done that?”

October 30, 2019  

Peer Group Diary: The peer group visits a beautifully built home…that made no money

“Imagine your company was bringing in $10 million per year and you’re still working for wages.”

October 28, 2019  

What’s better, top line or bottom line? Read this and find out.

“There is so much pressure to keep employees working that contractors take the work even if it is not going to add anything to the bottom line.”