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Painter agreed a price with “homeowner,” who now tells him another contractor will pay him

The painter has almost finished his work, but wants to be paid by the individual who agreed the deal. If he's paid as a sub by another contractor, he worries about his WSIB exemption.

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September 28, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Here’s one for someone to answer.

I did a written estimate for exterior painting: eaves, siding, windows and doors. Three-quarters of the way through the job, the homeowner introduced me to a contractor performing other work on the house and informed me that this person would be writing the cheque.

Now, the contractor said that I was under his WSIB and I didn’t need a clearance certificate. Now I am in a battle because I want to get paid – but the only way I can is if accept this contractor’s cheque. I want to stay WSIB exempt but now it loos like I am being forced into this. WTF!

Now, I don’t even know now if this house belongs to the person who hired me. I didn’t get my estimate signed by the “homeowner” because I’ve always done business by the hand shake method. I do have texts from him telling me this is his house. And I’ve sent texts back to tell him that I need to be paid by him, as the homeowner, and not by his contractor – putting my WSIB exemption in jeopardy.

Any suggestions?



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1 Comment » for Painter agreed a price with “homeowner,” who now tells him another contractor will pay him
  1. Finsbury says:

    I would advise the Homeowner that you are contracting with him and that he should pay you. If he doesn’t pay you, I would then ask him to advise in writing why he is not paying you.

    Going forward, bear in mind a verbal agreement isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Texts do help you but without them you would be quite vulnerable. I would ensure that going forward you always get your quotation signed signifying who you are working for and ensure that you take a form of ID from the person signing it.