Canadian Contractor

Pretending to be an electrical contractor

March 3, 2020
By Rob Blackstien

Several years ago, we did a piece on an unlicensed electrician who earned himself a 30-day jail sentence.

The article prompted a wave of comments from Contractor Nation, but the thread had remained dormant for over three years until Matt Loveys offered his take:

Real electrical contractors are licensed and in B.C. you are required to be an FSR and take upgrade courses to pull permits and if you are an electrician doing regulated work you have to work under a valid FSR holder. This is not an electrical contractor but someone pretending to be an electrical contractor, it bugs me when I see the headlines saying unlicensed electrical contractor. This person is not an FSR and probably hasn’t taken any electrical code courses, possibly an electrician who feels they know everything and can bypass the proper certification process.

Having said this it is sad to say there are licensed FSR contractors out there who are bypassing the proper process and are doing substandard and dangerous work. Go after more of these individuals as well.

What do you say, Contractor Nation? This has been an extremely contentious topic over the years, so perhaps some of our newer readers would like to pipe in.