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“Why protesters weren’t arrested is beyond me…”

This contractor has strong opinions about the behaviour of striking construction workers in Quebec"

Here is a post from frequent contributor Mark Mitchell following John Bleasby’s piece last week on “Joe Clé,” a Quebec “right to work” contractor who was counter-protesting the striking construction workers in the province. Joe didn’t think his firm should have to join the strike. He argued that his workers didn’t want to strike either.

Good for Joe, and good for all the guys standing up to the government-sponsored bullies. This is a free country: We fought for the right to have choice, democracy, and personal opinion. There is no room here for those who attempt to intimidate our politicians, press, or construction entrepreneurs. Why the protesters weren’t arrested is beyond me. They defaced the man’s work van. A very sacred line was crossed that day

Editor’s Note: Meanwhile, the Quebec government has legislated the 175,000 construction workers back to work. With a decent 1.8 per cent pay raise in a province where the current inflation rate sits well below 1.0 per cent. The next step will be up to 5 months of “mediation” between employers and the workers. The strikers are not, to be fair, striking so much about money, as about working conditions and hours of work.


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