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Q. What do you call a man who barely passed med school and survived his internship by a whisker?

A. You call him "Doctor!"

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November 9, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Re: Comments that say 70 per cent is “too high” for a bare pass for the Interprovincial Red Seal exams.

I want to hire tradespeople who can pass a test with top marks. Nobody wants a guy who just passed his test working on a costly HVAC system. At today’s labour rates, trades guys better know what they are doing. Way too many are parts replacers and not troubleshooters. I hear every day from people on the streets that contractors are stealing their money because they have trades people working for them who cannot troubleshoot – so they waste time and money. I know I want my doctor to be top of the class – not just passed.

Harry Veenstra



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1 Comment » for Q. What do you call a man who barely passed med school and survived his internship by a whisker?
  1. Marten says:

    PLEASE, we are not all perfect people, not all tradesmen make good teachers, not all trades get to use all the skills they should or could learn. Some don’t have a chance for 100 or more reasons. Some are better then others for sure but that is in every job. Some don’t want to be better as well. I have an acquaintance that is an eye doctor. She was telling me that in most cases in her field the A students were very smart but had little people skills, the C students were not the best of doctors but had great people skills so they often got the jobs first. The best overall doctors were actually the B students, a blend of both.