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Quebec and the construction unions: Level playing field needed

$35 an hour versus $65 an hour in Quebec

Our coverage of the recent construction strike in Quebec has attracted two types of posts:

(1) The unions are in the wrong!

(2) The unions are justified in laying down their tools!

Here is one from category (1)…

Steve Grant is completely correct! The unions are driving residential construction underground. Many of my friends do not understand the cost of construction in Quebec. Oftentimes I will hear, “I have hired a carpenter at $35 an hour. You are ripping me off at $65 an hour.” It is very hard to compete in the residential market. We lose contracts by being honest. There are so many carpenters and trades people who just want to work. We need right to work legislation to even the playing field in residential construction in Quebec.

Eva Lemanczyk


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