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Quebec contractors in six trades can work in Ontario without bothering with OCOT, Questo points out

The Ontario College of Trades is supposed to be on the way out. But while we all wait for that, Quebec contractors can work in Ontario unhindered by OCOT, it appears

The Quebec/Ontario “right to work across the provincial border as a contractor” controversy, always a sore sport for many, rears its ugly head again.

Information taken from the Ontario College of Trades website online. Please read, Ontario contractors. Just make sure you don’t get upset…

Québec residents who hold valid equivalent certificates of qualification or competence issued to journeypersons or apprentices in the Province of Québec in the Québec equivalent of six compulsory Ontario trades are exempt from section 2 of Ontario College of Trades and Apprentices Act. Meaning they are not required to be members of the College in order to work in the compulsory trade for which they hold the Quebec certificate.

This is how this so called College of Trades discriminates against Ontario tradespeople. Apparently Quebeckers have more rights then Ontario trades working in Ontario. Are they special? This is disgusting.

Surely this is an apparent violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Equality rights are supposed to apply for every Canadian and permanent landed immigrants.

Does Quebec allow Ontario trades people to have the same advantages?

All of us trades people in Ontario are been treated like second class of citizens, or pure idiots, under this disgusting system. Where is Premier Doug Ford? Why aren’t these matters being addressed?



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