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Response to John Bleasby’s article on Margaret (“Nimby”) Atwood

Municipalities can't have their cake and eat it, too. If they want to protect agricultural areas, they have to end their anti-development attitudes in the city.

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September 8, 2017 by canadiancontractor

Comment in response to John Bleasby’s piece on Margaret (“NIMBY”) Atwood’s high-profile opposition to an 8-storey condo development which would increase density in her Toronto neighbourhood.

The myth often promulgated by councils is they are already “built out.” But a drive around Victoria reveals plenty of land – very large, expensive lots that councils prefer not to rezone. Housing is being choked between municipal greenbelts and anti-development attitudes in the urban containment areas intended for housing. Municipalities can’t have their cake and eat it too. If agricultural areas are to be protected, then urban areas intended for housing must be redeveloped for future generations.

Casey Edge

Victoria Residential Builders Association (VRBA)



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