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Tens of billions of additional debt in Ottawa’s new budget… this senior citizen has had enough

"If they didn't waste our money, they wouldn't have to keep raising our taxes," says B. Ziebart in Vancouver.

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March 2, 2018 by canadiancontractor

This senior citizen in Vancouver has had enough…

I was born in Canada, 68 years of age. Personally, I have lost respect for politicians be they provincial or federal. It’s too bad we can’t make them live on a $20,000 yearly income for two years so that they learn the art of budgeting like the vast majority of Canadians. The taxes go up just about every year… That being said my bank account is dwindling: a couple more increases and I’ll be forced to sell and buy a much smaller place to be able to survive out my life without resorting to eating dog food. If they didn’t waste our money they wouldn’t have to keep raising our taxes. I hope in their next life they come back as peons: That’s just how they make me feel.

B. Ziebart



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