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Patrick Flannery   

Restitution for loss of licenses under OCOT?

apprentice ocot skilled sto trades

“Questo” wants to know if he’s going to be reimbursed for the business he lost after he refused to sign on with the old Ontario College of Trades, now that the province has admitted it had problems and replaced it with Skilled Trades Ontario. Legitimate question but, well, good luck with that.

what’s in it for those License electricians refused to sign with the disaster Ontario college of trades?
Will they get their licenses back? If so who will pay for their carries damage? I lost over 3 million because the incompetence of ex premier (Mac Guilty ) Can we all electricians in Ontario sue him now for damages?

I only hope this isn’t a maneuver for Doug ford next election.
Sounds really fishy.

Are those electricians under this new apparatus be free to sign their own work? We were not treated equal under the Canadian law. As we were part of the trades. Mechanics sign their work, gas feeders sign their works, maybe plumbers to, not sure on that. why cant we sign our works? why do we need electrical inspectors to inspected our wallets ? That’s what they have been doing apparently. Collecting money from us. Are we second trades class from the thirth world, Its pathetic .
Plus the so called electrical contractor and master License. Another pathetic money grab.

Let me guess, does Doug ford business have any contracts with this new paper work new skills ventura ? Soon covid stickers will be no more hum?
Do I smell a fish here? The real question is, how big is the fish?

I would like to take a look at this new skills paper work.
Maybe another skills desaster 2.0.

I will call them soon I want my Canadian electrical license back , the way it was , no restrictions. I was already a senior, if not, financial consequences will apply. And I urge anyone in this condition to do so. Time for lawsuits. (Mac Gulty) should be personally sued for. Thousand of letters, plus petitions were send to him and his cabinet, that time when he set up the disgrace full college of trades.( grabs) And they all ignored.


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