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Patrick Flannery   

Reviews no guarantee of long-term quality

Mike notes that durability is a hard quality to assess right after a job is done.

Like most shows, these are the most extremes cases that get filmed, Holmes, Dr Pimple Popper, any profession. My gripe is no one really teaches how to check a company properly. For example, if a repair should last a year, the builder only does well enough to last that time but gives you reference from job two years old. The owner says “they did great work”. I had this scene with roof 11 years ago that lasted only six, had a car motor rebuilt 20 years ago that leaked oil again six months later, or one week ago shopping for tires, read an excellent review, only to see same review on six other brands of tires. What I get from Holmes is that a lot of problems are started or ballooned by lazy or shady building and code inspectors.

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