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She is seeking info on disabled renovation funding

Information on homeowner funding most welcome. Sorry, we don't know what province Jacqueline is writing from.

July 7, 2017
By canadiancontractor

Anyone who can help this person, please post a comment below.

My husband is 74 years and can no longer get into a bathtub. He had a bone marrow transplant 27 years ago and since then has had two hips and one knee replacement. He now has difficulty lifting his legs and arms. Is there a grant to help a senior home owner to renovate a bathroom? He will definitely be in a wheelchair in the near future.

Jacqueline Frenette

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  1. rudy says:

    In Ontario last year, there was the Healthy Homes Tax Credit” not much, but it was something.
    go here to find out more:
    unfortunately, it expired and is only good for work done last year. Petition your government to bring it back!
    PS these types of credits are great, cause they help prevent underground economy… people insist on getting a receipt (the opposite to the norm these days)

  2. Joel Simon says:

    Speak with your accountant , this maybe tax deductible under medical expenses .

  3. Darcy says:
    This page provides links to funding options across Canada, categorized by province.

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