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Last month, in response to an article we ran from Skills Ontario, Peter Jerva bemoaned the fact that today’s youth are generally less capable when it comes to handyman-type skills. This resonated with Marten, who adds to this discussion with the following:

Absolutely all day long. I have said the same thing for years. When I talk to my kids, all three of them I try to teach them how to do the simple things at least. They are all adults and learning how to use tools now. Want to make it simple? Take a one hour service call. For me it would be about $80, although I do need a two-hour minimum. Now take your wage, say $25/hr. for a starting salary. Take off deductions so your take home pay would be about $18.

It will take you working four and a half hours to pay for me being there for one hour. Or with a two-hour minimum, you will work all day for me to be there for two hours. Anything you can do, even if it takes twice or three times as long, will save you lots of money in the long run.

That’s some very simple math to help this generation understand the value of being able to tackle household projects themselves. Contractor Nation, what are you finding out there? Are people more clueless today when it comes to being able to handle household projects?


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