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Skilled trades shortage? What skilled trades shortage?

Alex went to school to get qualified as an electrical contractor but work has been hard to find...

June 15, 2018
By canadiancontractor

Is there a disconnect somewhere? Few years ago I decided to change careers from driving a truck to something new. Because throughout my life I always built things (sheds, utility trailers) – and also enjoyed repairing things – I thought the trades would be more suitable than an academic endeavour. So I set to enquire about a possible new career in the trades. No contractor would give me the time of the day. Well, I thought that I may not have much to offer and the folks are busy. So I decided to go to school, learn something, show my desire and have at least something to show dedication. I obtained an advanced trade diploma but, two years later, I am starting to doubt the wisdom of getting such an education. While my field of studies was electrical I was (and still am) willing to take something else on, as long as I learn and progress. I am not afraid of putting in the hours, sweat, work in the cold or rain but somehow I get the sense that having never used a worm drive saw demonstrates my inability to do carpentry.

Alex Goorshkee