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Do skylights create drafts in Canadian winters? Not these ones…

Go with the high quality product, and you need not fear skylight-fed cold air currents

January 5, 2018
By canadiancontractor

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In our last issue, we talked about Four Reasons to Install Skylights.

We got the following post from contractor Larry Carter who says they can be problematic for drafts in Canada. A reply from VELUX, a major skylight manufacturer, follows….

Skylights are one of those products that contractors sell to homeowners that usually end in disappointment. The contractor often does not understand the impact a skylight will have on the room in which it is installed but they do not want to discourage the customer because they need/want the business.

The first – and probably the only thing – a homeowner needs to know is that in a Canadian winter warm air rises into the skylight, cools and then returns to the room. This creates a constant draft created by circulating air.

I had a construction instructor that installed a skylight over the desk in his study to let in the beautiful sunlight. The cold draft was so bad that he could not sit at the desk.

As construction professionals I believe it is our duty to educate homeowners so that they can make informed decisions.


A reply from VELUX, a leading Canadian skylight manufacturer…

Hi Larry:

We could not agree more that it is important to educate homeowners to help them make informed decisions. Old style skylights, like domes or clear glass without argon or low E have cooler inside surfaces and the sense of a draft or cold is possible on a cold winter day. The same issue can arise with old or poor quality windows. This is one of the reasons to purchase energy-efficient skylights and windows – to ensure thermal comfort of the home’s occupants. Better insulated skylights and windows are warmer in the winter, as well as quieter, and help save money on the heating bill.

With kind regards,
Aretha Harris

National Marketing & Communications Manager
VELUX Canada Inc.

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