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Spray foam contractors rush to help – UPDATE

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The Leasak story has now made the local news in Calgary.
Meanwhile, comments on the Spray Foam Canada Facebook page indicate that another contractor has taken on the task of fixing the job. We’re still trying to find out who that is…
With perfect timing, the next episode of The Hammer podcast will talk spray foam with Simon Baker and Doug Brady of Huntsman Building Solutions. Among other topics, we do get into the importance of training and certification for spray foam installers. Look for the podcast on your feed Oct. 9.
Noreen and Bob’s story of their spray foam disaster has brought out the best in the spray foam industry. According to Ehren Klein of Pinnacle West Spray Foam Insulation and Coatings, the Spray Foam Canada private Facebook page has been inundated with offers to fix their problem. Sometimes people get mad when we publish negative stories about their industry. Responses like this, and what they reveal about our readers, is why we do it.
I wanted to touch base regarding the recent article written by Patrick Flannery. This is an unfortunate event for the entire spray foam industry. Due to the nature of the materials being manufactured onsite, the material that was sold to this contractor was not for code approved jobs…yet the contractor used this material regardless of the law.
This article has been circulated around on a Facebook page call “Spray Foam Canada”; a page for professional applicators in Canada to community regarding industry news and happenings. The thread was started yesterday and there have been over 80+ responses from spray foam contractors and suppliers from Vancouver to Winnipeg that have stepping up to offer material and labor to make this job right for the home owner in Calgary, AB.
This is amazing and I feel that a follow up story could be positive for the spray foam contractors industry in Canada.  Just the fact that this industry and contractors have come together so quickly to respond to this “disaster”. The common thread is their livelihood and we all need to work as a team to make things right to protect and positively grow our industry. Articles such as this, that highlight one “disaster” out of the thousands of positive projects across Canada really put a black mark on the industry and shed an unbalanced dark light on the product and superior performance it offers when applied correctly.
– Ehren


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1 Comment » for Spray foam contractors rush to help – UPDATE
  1. Bob Thompson says:

    Thank you for bringing this dangerous workmanship and use of this restricted product to our attention. We should all offer our collective and additional thanks to those willing to clean it up. Leaving a toxic environment in our wake is not the legacy we want.
    Bob T

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