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Steve’s “anti-Trudeau diatribe totally uncalled for”

"I am also disappointed in what Trudeau has done to date. I think we would have gotten the same policies and action out of Harper's messed up government."

March 29, 2017
By canadiancontractor

Last week, editor Steve Payne wrote an opinion piece on the federal budget, called “Nothing to see here.”  Reader Ecodad, below, didn’t seem to like Steve’s reference to “Prime Minister Kardashian” and his other criticisms of the Trudeau regime.

Steve, your anti-Trudeau diatribe in this article is totally uncalled for unless you REALLY want to come across as a narrow-minded, politically motivated ass. Save us your righteous indignation and petty name calling and just give us a sound evaluation of the pros and cons of the budget and how it will likely affect the industry.

I, too, am disappointed in the budget – it does nothing for me and my company in the near term. I am also disappointed in what Trudeau has done to date – I think we would have gotten the same policies and action out of Harper’s messed up government. I guess next time I’ll have to vote NDP – and hope they actually care about the working guy and small businesses. (Not just the BIG companies and BIG oil.)


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5 Comments » for Steve’s “anti-Trudeau diatribe totally uncalled for”
  1. Mark Mitchell says:

    Great article Steve. I couldn’t agree with you more, that “selfie boy” is nothing more than an empty head, run by his puppets. Hopefully we will return to a more business friendly government in the next election, a government that is run by people who have actually know what it takes to run a business

  2. Questo says:

    When is time for election, people love to vote in hope for changes, no such thing will be accomplished until the lobbying gangs are eliminated form government offices and puppets politicians.

    Apparently the lobbying gangs are the ones to call the shuts, to pass bills, and legislation on their favor. Our country called Canada is heading for a political disaster, and soon we will see this happening in the Province on Ontario.

    L -ying
    I – ntentionally
    B -etrail
    R – eckless
    A -rrogants
    L -osers
    The Liberal puppetry.
    Isn’t that what happen in front of our eyes?

  3. Marten says:

    Once elected and in power all politicians are the same. They are media hounds, always looking for the next photo opp. That is what keeps them in power as it is a constant reminder of who they are. I have yet to see anyone different. Now our Liberal leader in Ontario is backtracking on some of the stuff she has done, trying to get re-elected. Go figure, she’s gone and not a moment to soon for sure.

  4. katkanuck says:

    Steve good job on the article. I have to say that I call the PM TruDASHIAN from Kanuckistan, and also TruDOPE from his past hidden escapades in B.C. and a myriad of others. A little boy trying to be the BIG MAN, but he has NOTHING, and KNOWS NOTHING, he isn’t smart enough. He’d be best to go back to being a teacher, a boxer, a guide in TruDOPE BC. This guy should not be running this Country, he and the rest of the LIE-beral bandits are killing it!

    I could not sit through the Budget but I will download it and read it page by page. Oxymoron’s abound from what I’ve been told…. kills Transit yet tells people we need cleaner air, so those who used transit instead of driving….SOL!!! for a deduction. The LIEberals will be all in to tax you to death across this country for their Carbon/Environmental, and a myriad of other hidden taxes.

    Killed Canada Savings Bonds..a staple since the day I started working!

    The third thing I caught was that the middle class has shot up a lot, well yes it has, but that middle class consists of women with 5 babies from 5 different baby daddies and pulling in on welfare, and Child benefits. Some of my customers (tax) these well educated folk won’t work and some are pulling in 121K to 127K from TruDOPES lease on starting a new SUNSHINE list of what I WILL label “Welfare Sunshine List” Then the others are the refugees/immigrants who are pulling in more a month then our seniors, our disabled, our homeless. Pretty damn sad it is.

    Businesses I look after are being killed with OVER TAXING with lots that are leaving their Provinces and their Country!

    Ecodad if you think the NDP are good then I don’t know what to say! Too many of them have run with the Mob! I’ll take a Harper back over any of them!

    Construction businesses are a dying breed with many more going totally underground! WSIB/COT/Taxes…taxes…taxes!

    The LIE-berals across this Country are take from the POOR (those of us working hard to try and make a living) and giving it to the Welfare/Refugee/Immigrants. It is almost to the point of ridiculousness and these criminal regime LIE-berals have to go, the sooner the better for our COUNTRY!

  5. Oliber says:

    Marten, according to your report, Politicians these days are worse then children in first grade, which have no knowledge the world they are in it.

    Politicians became like a virus very hard to get rid off. I wish some day some kind of vaccine will be discovered to rid this contagions virus.

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