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This insulation contractor is sorry to see the end of GreenOn rebates

"This program was good for the honest contractor and the client," says Joel Starkman

We have had many comments from Ontario contractors about the imminent cancellation, by Doug Ford’s new provincial government, of the GreenOn rebate program.

This particular contractor is sad to see GreenOn go…

I am an insulation contractor and I agree with the way the insulation portion of the GreenOn program has been administered. I am an old timer in the insulation business and can look back to the eighties when the CHIP program was in effect. There was a bunch of cowboys running around spreading the minimum amount of cellulose insulation not interested in the R value or that the attic is covered properly.

The new program was designed to eliminate the unscrupulous contractor and to make sure only professional work was being done in the best interest to the customer. The insulation contractors had to pass a test to make sure they were familiar with all aspects of properly installing insulation and provide before and after picture of their work. This program was good for the honest contractor and the client. I am sorry to see it go.

Joel Starkman


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