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Thumbs up to Caldwell for suggesting standardized safety rules in all provinces

Working at Heights training, green books, Arc Flash training, WHIMS, first aid, etc. should be the same standard across the country, says Mark Mitchell

Alec Caldwell wrote last week that it was stupid that there are different rules for using, say, safety harnesses in different provinces.

Frequent contributor and all-around bureaucracy-hater Mark Mitchell, couldn’t agree more…

“Excellent point, Alec. And one that irritates me to no end. I just got off the Psychic Hotline with Sir Issac Newton, and he assured me that gravity is 9.81 metres per second  squared in every province. Working at Heights training, green books, trade licenses, Arc Flash training, elevated platforms, WHIMS, first aid, and everything else should be as standard as a drivers license in this country. If we promote trade barriers and protectionism within our own country, we are doomed to stay at the low end of the competitive scale, and the high end of the red tape/bureaucracy scale. Not competing with the rest of the world.”


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