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“Time for Elon Musk to go away!”

This reader is not impressed by the Tesla inventor's idea for "solar roof tiles"

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April 10, 2017 by Steve Payne

Last week, John Bleasby posted that the globally-famous inventor/pitchman Elon Musk was about to put his own version of solar roof tiles on the market. Someone calling themselves “Nutso Gulable” (not sure if you spelled your surname correctly, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Gullible) was NOT impressed…

Isn’t it time for the over promoter Elon Musk and Tesla to go away. I still remember all the people he sucked into prepaying for his electric car, only to hold them ransom and request more money from them when costs got away from him. We have been hearing his claims about his wall of power and his special batteries for a couple of years now. Elon Musk and Tesla didn’t change the auto industry and they won’t change the electrical generating game either. Like all inflated self-promoters, your money is his only goal. And his job is to spread the horse pocky.

Nutso Gulable

Steve Payne

Steve Payne

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