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Time to move past symbols like the monarchy


Gord Pritchard sent this thoughtful response to our October editorial “Be Like the Queen.”

Human beings are a strange group. Most people who have loyalty to the Queen around the world do not really know why they have that loyalty. They require a stable system to remotely govern and do the business of the people. There must be a leader. There must be a symbol.

The Americans have the Flag as a symbol. It mostly has in the past worked well for them.

The U.K. and the commonwealth, has the monarchy. In this day-and-age many people question why we have the monarchy as a symbol. Evolution has brought us a people to this point in history. Only time will tell if we can exist with a stable government with or without a monarchy.

The key to why I am writing this letter is your phrase “nothing more than a pack of rogues who have managed to win an election”. It would seem that a large segment of our population feels that no matter who wins our leadership is a pack of rogues. Maybe, this is why we need a symbol.

The people we elect are as important or maybe more important than the symbol. Without them we do not need a symbol. History has brought the monarchy from complete authority to only symbolic authority. It is much easier to follow symbolic authority than real authority.

At this time we as a people are having a hard time following real authority. Maybe that is why some people want to go back to one person that has complete authority over everyone. (that is where we came from).

Education is the answer. A person has to be able to reason, and to the best of their ability vote for people who are not rogues. We must follow the people we vote for or vote them out of office but we must have as much respect for our government as for our symbol.




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