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Trump, drywall prices – and Canadian jobs

"The federal government must step in and create an atmosphere were new plants can be built - and hence competition will occur," says Denis Yazici, a professional engineer

Here is an interesting post from Denis Yazici, P.Eng… in reply to our latest story on the Western Canada drywall tariff…

They say: “This would very likely reduce competition in the market and leave downstream customers with fewer choices,” and “could allow CTG to raise prices further, well above [CTG’s] already announced 30 percent price increase.” Well, BS is what I say. The federal government must step in and put in create an atmosphere where new plants can be built, and hence competition, will occur. This goes all the way back to Mulroney and his free trade mentality that only served U.S. based manufacturers and allowed them to close up shop in Canada and move manufacturing to the U.S. resulting in only a resource and services based economy for Canada – no real value added production. Now with Trump in place, Canada must do more to close up the border and force new manufacturing to occur in this great country of ours creating real employment for millions of people who need those jobs.


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