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UK building codes free, easy to use. What’s wrong with Ottawa?

Robert Smith has a nice link here to show the clarity of the FREE UK building code documents

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December 1, 2017 by canadiancontractor

Another complaint about the National Building Code folks in Ottawa, who believe that contractors should have to pay to read their code…

Building regulations are free for use in UK to make sure people don’t take shortcuts and do so safely. They are also far, far easier to understand than Canada’s National Building Code (NBC). There, you don’t go on a pointless ‘journey’ when reading the code. It’s like walking through maple syrup with the NBC sometimes, as you try to remember a myriad different paragraphs and sentence numbers – and then forget what you were looking for in the first place! Diagrams say a thousand words and the NBC Appendix has a few but nowhere near enough! Interpretation, especially between different building inspectors on how they interpret how the code is written, can make things difficult on any project IMHO.

Check out the UK code here…

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