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We finally found a hole in Giannis’ game

November 28, 2019
By Rob Blackstien

As those of you that follow the NBA know, there’s not a damn thing that Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo can’t do on the court. But it’s obvious, based on this news report, that picking the right contractor for a job is not among his core competencies.

A couple of things about this story struck us. For starters, the Greek Freak was having a fence built that was valued at US$144,750. Seriously? Was this fence going to be Trump Wall Lite?

Secondly, he had asked for a custom shoe closet, which sounds ridiculous, but is pretty much standard fare in the home of many an NBA star.

For instance, here are the shoe closets for Chris Paul, Joe Johnson, and Ray Allen.

Have any CC readers ever been asked to build anything like this?

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