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We need passion, not certifications

Justin Sheppard thinks passion and dedication to the trade is more important than certifying contractors.

We are all one of a dying breed this is one of the trades where it makes you or breaks you as a person not in value like financially but it will determine whether you want to do it or not therefore there is no certification in my opinion that should be enforced to become hey Carpenter AKA swinging hammer out on the battlefield everyday to rain snow or shine sometimes whatever it takes to meet deadline etc. Think about all the wasted and financial debt situations that will be caused over this because this is not an easy trade that’s why the turnover rate is that such high ratios because physically hard work that is behind it all not many people want to do after they see the real picture of it and witness it and firsthand experience physically themselves. I am a self-employed business owner framer/carpenter one of a dying breed true to the day I die. I take pride in what I do and every nail driven cut made etc a little bit of my heart and soul goes into it as the countless amount of blood sweat and tears went into learning and it is something that you can never know everything about as this day and age design and style of things just change like the weather and therefore along goes with the structure the fundamentals behind it the material used the building codes fastening details and specifications to meet required code demands of all forever changing structure styles updated modern home designs or any type of building as soon as you start your day or anyone starts your day. I sure hope they think your framer because there would be nothing if it wasn’t for us putting our lives in line everyday and this is where I say it makes or breaks you because yes where everything looks so good on paper and I will guarantee and from first-hand experience I would say the overall rate of things produced by this advanced the world of computers. That more than likely when designed wasn’t accompanied by somebody that had personal first hand experience and doing it themselves by backing what was designed and created and what should theoretically work in real life because not always it all fall into place. From all the jobs I’ve worked throughout my years in to be coming what I love doing and would choose nothing else but. I’ve never seen such a high turnover rate for employees to keep employees etc. Also just imagine what they’re going to do if they enforce us to be certified as well as what it’s going to do to the pricing rate for your average customer to have something built regardless of it being anything from a window replacement to a deck to a house to anything I would say the price I would have to start charging would probably almost double because all these millennials who want everything for nothing not to be stereotypical but we’re at the day and age now where everybody needs to take a break because their feelings been hurt because either they got s*** for not doing what they’re supposed to playing on their phone on social media not giving a s*** etc. So them having a certified ticket to claim that they qualify think about what they’re going to want for a going rate and what it will do to the construction market especially a residential one


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