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What do you do if client demands to see receipts for your purchased items?

That's fine if you are on a T&M basis. But not if you quoted a fixed price. Walk away, one contractor advises.

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October 26, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Last week, an HVAC contractor wrote to us asking for help. His client insisted on seeing receipts for all his purchases. Not a problem if it’s a Time and Materials job, but for a lump sum quote – it’s hardly fair. Especially changing the rules after the fact.

Here’s a suggestion on how to handle such enquiries…

I’ve informed clients that I buy in bulk for many items and also in job lots. Job lots could be many items together – so it’s next to impossible to show them an individual cost. Bulk buys are grouped with other items so, again, hard to show them a cost.

Unless this client is a big part of my business I would consider dropping them. If you quoted the job it should not matter what you paid for anything – but if it’s a T&M job break down the bill to the last couple cents: parts-labour-insurances-truck cost-overhead cost management cost–the list can go on and on.



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