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What’s the point of the ESA?

Electrical esa permit

Paul wonders what function the ESA serves, since contractors remain liable for accidents even if a job has a permit.

ESA is a privately run company that uses electrical contractors as their collection agency. Since they are a privately run company, Why cant we have other organizations allowed to act as electrical safety officers. This would create competition and force all Electrical safety organizations to be fair and do their jobs properly. ESA should charge their fees to the end customer, and be responsible for collecting their own money. We have seen so many cases in which the customer does not pay or goes bankrupt however we still have to pay our ESA bill, then try and collect the money from the customer. Why do we even need ESA in the first place as they are not liable for their inspections anyway. If we take out an electrical permit to do a job and something happens ie fire, then the electrical contractor is liable. If we dont take out a permit then the electrical contractor is liable. So what is the point of having them.

– Paul


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