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Why was owner of firm slammed with half a million dollar fine, while actual electrician has “zero consequences”?

"We live in a province where doctors and nurses kill people every single day. Yet none of them suffer personal consequences like this," Rob says

Last week we reported on an owner of an electrical firm being found personally liable for a job site tragedy.

This is a terrible tragedy for the victim and his family. But, I don’t understand why the licensed electrician actually responsible has zero consequences. Instead his employer is treated like a criminal. Mostly for not pulling a permit. I guess instead of being evasive and lying he should have lawyered up and shut up. Maybe we all should whenever any regulatory body investigates?

We live in a province where doctors and nurses kill patients every single day. None of them suffer personal consequences as harsh as this. When a cop kills does the Chief of Police or Mayor suffer like this? This small business owner has no protection by insurance because he was treated like a criminal. Now, when the family sues his insurance company and exceeds the maximum payout, nothing personal will be left for the family to recover as the provincial government has stolen it.



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