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Why weren’t there any representatives from the home building industry at Skills Canada’s Ontario competition?

Len Rance, a staunch proponent of apprenticeships and developing the next generation of contractors, wants to know

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May 18, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Comment here about John Bleasby’s coverage of the Skills Canada, Ontario competitions held recently….

Hi John,

My name is Len Rance and I am the Technical Chair for the recent Skills Canada competition for Individual Carpentry. Just to clarify, we had 23 high school students and 12 post secondary student competing in this category. The gold medal winners will advance to the national Skills Canada competition June 4-5 in Edmonton. I am privileged to be a committee representative this year representing Ontario.
I was also surprised not to see any representatives from the home building industry – as well as the carpenters union. I have been a proponent of apprenticeship for many years and will continue to do so.



Thank you, Len. The disconnect between the home building industry and the many initiatives to develop a new, younger skilled workforce is a subject we will continue to investigate. It is a critical issue, and the absence of the industry from all levels of youth skills expos and competitions mystifies me and many others.






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