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With the Ontario College of Trades about to be “wound down,” reader looks forward to photo of Doug Ford “knee high in waste”

Was the Ontario College of Trades REALLY all that stopped new home sites in the province from being drowned in excrement?

I sincerely hope that Doug Ford and/or his loved ones never have a home burn to the ground, due to a “Jack of all trades” contractor practicing skills he or she does not have. I also wait in anticipation for a snapshot of Mr. Ford, knee high in waste because the same person – working for the same contractor – also wears the plumber’s hat. I wonder if then, Mr Ford will finally have enough s**t on his hands.

Brad Lawrence


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3 Comments » for With the Ontario College of Trades about to be “wound down,” reader looks forward to photo of Doug Ford “knee high in waste”
  1. Mike Aubrey says:

    Thank-you Doug Ford. The College of Trades was a complete fiasco. It was entirely union driven. It did offer any real value to any of the participants. It was a source of increasing regulation and a de-facto reduction in the number of skilled trades people primarily through the apprentice/trade ratios. It would have made the renovation industry go almost entirely underground as honest competent highly skilled professionals got choked in regulatory requirements.
    Mike Aubrey
    Ottawa Ontario

  2. Questo says:

    I wonder why our Premier Doug Ford, haven closed the college of trades down yet?

    what he his waiting for? So many parasitic agencies in Ontario leaving on the trades people. Its a shame, so many people does not want to do nothing just sucking the blood of the hard working ones. its not progress its a parasitic sick system.

  3. Questo says:

    Hi Brad:

    Please don’t cry wolf for the Ontario College of Trades. You have no clue what you are saying.

    There are legal contractors doing horrible construction work, new homes not being built to spec – and some at minimum. City inspectors close their eyes on this and for sure some cash flows under the table. It’s a disaster out there. It’s like the jungle.

    We’ve got garages deliberately inserting stuff into catalytic convertors to deliberately harm customers’ cars – fraud to the maximum extent.
    The Ontario College of Trades does not care! The MTO does – and some others.

    If you have photos of these fraudulent people doing the kind of work you talk about, share them. But you shouldn’t be bragging about the Ontario College of Trades, which does nothing except looking to grab trades people’s money.

    There are a lot of trades people who went underground doing renovation and construction, great skilled workers. Imposing laws which only serve the cash collectors is taking us further backwards, not forwards.


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