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Years later, Ontario College of Trades video “still frightening”

"Taxes are the only reason for OCOT existing," says Christine

Another vote of No Confidence re: the Ontario College of Trades.  The commenter had just seen the Ontario College of Trades “Are Your Protected?” public service video, from two years ago, on our site here.

This video is frightening and I’ll tell you why. I reported two “underground” garages doing repairs on vehicles with no licenses, all cash businesses and years later, they are still going strong. Neither were ever investigated. So if the “are you protected?”is the last of their concerns, it proves that taxes are their only reason for existing. And to operate a huge expensive government department off the backs of hard working tradespeople, just for greed and nothing else, is sickening and scary. What next? Our government in this province would do anything to open a new tax department. Next will be a ‘Tradesmen Cut Analysis Department’ or TCAD, with $350 per year tax charged to tradesmen to report and analyze your cuts from working. There will be an annual budget of $30-million and you will have to waste an hour of your day photographing your cuts and scanning doctor reports, and if you don’t “comply” or pay your taxes, no health care for you. The control and amount of government is what is terrifying.



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1 Comment » for Years later, Ontario College of Trades video “still frightening”
  1. Joe says:

    Hi Christine, happy new year 2018, I just read what you wrote above, that’s nice. The OCOT isn’t a college at all, is Ontario Community Of Thieves. as the same many others, ( Trogon horse tax collectors) Thanks to our crook government, allowing none profit organizations to collect tax’s on their behalf. ( I believe its a federal offence, in the criminal code, collecting money without justification) no benefit what so ever, towards trades, Its a trade tax, its insane trades tax. Cant be understood anyone decide to be in his/her desire trade pay a license fees. Once been in the training required time, and pass exam, should be free to operate his/her desired trade.

    Compared with other places worldwide, we the trades people in Ontario look like fools.

    We look like children bad behavior in need for control, give me a brake!

    We should demand our politicians to be license also and pay high risk liability insurance, in case they screw up.

    Equality is in our charter of rights and freedoms, so they the politicians should be under the same treatment they ask us to be. If not, they cant be trusted, so lets vote not next time, all of them out.

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