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“YOU’RE FIRED!” Worker loses job after refusing to sign papers at Ontario Working at Heights training session

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It's too bad, because the man was doing the right thing by taking the training before the March 31, 2017 deadline.

You are fired……

It’s clear that Ontario isn’t messing around when it comes to requiring construction workers to take the new Working at Heights training.

And neither are the big employers.

I learned this week of a worker who was FIRED for refusing to sign the required “Notice of Collection & Consent to Disclose Personal Information” document at a Working at Heights course. Within 30 minutes of his refusal, he was fired by his employer.

Apparently, different options were given to the man – but he continued to refuse to sign the paperwork and… he’s unemployed now.

This individual had, my sources tell me, recently arrived from Alberta and was taking the course to make him legal in this province. So why would he do that to himself?

The collection of personal information on this form is required under section 7.5 of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and it is in compliance with the freedom of information and protection of privacy Act S. 38(2). One option this worker had, as stated on the form in front of him, was to call the Ministry of Labour directly and ask questions about how his information would be used.

That sad case aside, the deadline for everyone else who needs to get this certification is March 31, 2017.

You probably DO need it, if you work on the tools in this industry!

This is NOT just a course for people who go a long way up ladders!

Just venturing onto a typical construction site at ground level, you could be exposed to fall hazards from openings in the floor that are unsecured. If the fall you would face is over 3 metres, THAT is considered “Working at Heights.”

We at CARAHS are Ontario Ministry of Labour approved trainers (Pro #34609). All our classes were sold out in January and February looks like it’s heading the same way.  So don’t delay, call us now to book your spot. Read what some attendees said about our course. CARAHS can arrange large classes and we will look after you as an individual, as well.

Toll free 1 866 366 2930

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3 Comments » for “YOU’RE FIRED!” Worker loses job after refusing to sign papers at Ontario Working at Heights training session
  1. Chris Langman says:

    It is truly amazing how easily Ontarians are corralled into a society of people without personal privacy or freedom of personal choice.

    It is unfortunate that this man lost his job, but he has at least shown the rest of us that somebody still has a spine.
    The fact of this matter is that the Ontario government ministries are using employment (ie the financial ability to participate in a functioning society) as leverage to force us into surrendering our privacy and compliance with nanny state neoliberal fascism.

    What will it take to reverse the direction this province is heading?

  2. Questo says:

    In my opinion, this man described above did what he has to do to protect his private information. If I was him I would done the same, for sure for him to refuse, something went wrong, only is needed is, name, age, profession, if is an landed immigrant, or legal to work in Canada a sin number, any other things should be excluded from his form or any forms or training purposes.

    I may have gone even further, called the MOL, and ask exactly what kind of private info should be on the training forms.
    But even then, if he felt some of his private info could not be handle in accordance with the laws, he can refuse, like anyone can, and be respected for that and not be fired, looks like the other side of his employee story isn’t here.

    He may had felt Ontario is no longer safe in anything, because Ontario government became a demonic dictator style, no longer can be trusted, to may laws for the purpose of making money. Its amazing, Ontario is the Province in the world with more laws and regulations, more then countries, its a shame, more then half of then its a waste of time. The OCOT can sale part or full, of their so called members private info without the members knowledge, to whom we don’t know?

    Anything to do with construction or work safety, should be given for free, and no private info should be collected beyond what is needed. All workers in need of safety training have their employers, these already have their info, why asking for more?

  3. Greg says:

    I agree that you need the training and I also agree that one should not sign away their privacy, however I do not agree with this reporting. It is very one sided. You have not provided any information as to what was actually on the form other than the assumed title of the form.

    Please provide a proper investigation into this, otherwise it is rhetoric.

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