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2021 Trends That Are Impacting Interior Doors and Homes
April 27, 2021 at 12:00am


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Trends influence our lives, the way we live, and also our home interior. Some of the biggest trends we’re seeing today are happening because of the changing world around us. Find out how COVID-19 and the Work from Home revolution have renovated our homes, how the environment is impacting interiors, the growing interest in architectural details and quality materials as well as the trends that are guiding popular décor styles.

JELD-WEN offers its customers and consumers a wide range of aesthetically pleasing, durable and sustainable interior doors made in Canada with the highest quality of North American materials and craftsmanship.

Join JELD-WEN’s door experts on April 27, 2021, at 2:00 pm EDT as they discuss the latest trends and their impact on home interiors to help you guide your customers through interior door sections, their renovation projects, and their interior design plans:

  • COVID-19 & Work from Home
    • Home offices and need for defined spaces
  • The Environment, Sustainability and Wellness
    • The benefits of natural light on personal wellness and environment and the use of glass doors
  • Shift to the Modern Aesthetic
    • Popular décor styles and complementary doors for these styles
  • Architectural Elements and the Importance of Material Selection
    • Doors as a design element

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