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The neuroscience of sales
October 20, 2020 at 12:00am


Scott Siegal, Certified Contractors Network

He hasn’t quite figured out mind control, but Scott Siegal has researched and written extensively about the conscious and unconscious processes that drive homeowner decisions when it comes to engaging construction contractors. Conversations with IKO and Friends takes a deep dive into the fundamental psychology of buying and extracts some key insights that will help you make the claims that address your customer’s pains – and deliver gains.


Scott Siegal
Scott Siegal has been working in the roofing business since his first job holding ladders at age 14 and today owns a large contracting business in Washington, D.C. But his experience along the way took him down some side routes that have left him uniquely qualified to talk about the business side of the industry. After graduating, he worked in mortgage banking until he realized most of his co-workers hated their jobs, which spurred him to start his own company with his brother at 23. That company grew to absorb three other companies, then Scott discovered the Certified Contractors Network, which he credits with transforming his business. Now, he’s leading a partnership between CCN and IKO that offers training and coaching to business owners across the continent, using knowledge from a top neuroscientist to rebuild the sales process.