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By Ben Polley   

Brights and determination – Winter Harbinson, Evolve

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I am really pleased that you are providing a focus on women in (construction) trades. We have always hired based on attitude and aptitude ahead of experience, since the latter can be earned. This has provided opportunity for people from non-traditional backgrounds to consider and pursue work, and a career, with us. We have over the years enjoyed the partnership of many graduates from various Women In Skilled Trades programs.

Winter Harbinson, just celebrated her fifth year with Evolve. She had apparently pursued us for some months prior, making her presence known via social media and at public events at which Evolve had representation. Winter, like many people with limited pre-existing experience but plenty of brights and determination, has benefited from our collegial, supportive environment whereas her quietly confident demeanor might have been overwhelmed in many typical construction environments. Instead, she has gained the support and trust of her peers, gathered ever more skills in carpentry and the highly experiential art of plastering all while demonstrating leadership qualities to which her well placed self-confidence more than caught up.

This has resulted in Winter having assumed the role of Lead Hand- the site supervisor of our even more specialized strawbale construction team. In this role Winter is responsible for material takeoffs and procurement, site planning, logistics, direct supervision – and training – of several staff, and ultimately, the quality assurance of these unique exterior wall systems. When not supervising a strawbale build, Winter frequently oversees our more conventional siding crews and is much valued team member as interior and exterior trim carpenter.

In short, Winter’s enthusiasm, stick-with-it-ness, planful manner and collaborative approach, have earned her a position of skill and importance at Evolve that we think worth celebrating.




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