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ASHRAE establishes first ever centre of excellence

Canadian Contractor ASHRAE climate change Net Zero

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ASHRAE commits to reducing climate change in the built environment of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by establishing of its centre of excellence.

The ASHRAE Center of Excellence for Building Decarbonization (CEBD) will drive the adoption of climate change mitigation policies and reinforce ASHRAE’s goal of achieving net zero GHG emissions in operation for all new buildings by 2030.

“Our decision to establish the ASHRAE Center of Excellence for Building Decarbonization represents a strategic move towards amplifying our impact on climate change mitigation in the built environment,” said 2024-25 ASHRAE president Dennis Knight.

“By making building decarbonization a focal point of our technical resources and advocacy, we are broadening our capacity to drive systemic change. CEBD signifies ASHRAE’s dedication to empowering stakeholders with essential resources and educational opportunities and underscores our pivotal role in shaping a more sustainable future.”


The CEBD’s primary activities are as follows:

  • Strategy – Guide ASHRAE’s building decarbonization efforts and integrate relevant goals into the Society’s strategic plan. Develop, lead, and collaborate on strategic initiatives with partner organizations to accelerate and advance global building decarbonization.
  • Thought Leadership – Track emerging issues and trends to showcase ASHRAE’s leadership position.
  • Collaboration – Coordinate joint initiatives, events and projects with U.S. and international organizations that compliment ASHRAE’s building decarbonization efforts.
  • Public Advocacy – Provide reliable technical information on decarbonization to policymakers, media, and the public.



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