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Craig Lowe, Mike Holmes' painter, dies while scuba diving off Cape Breton

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Craig Lowe shared his passion about the professional painting business with the readers of PRO PAINTER magazine, last year. He said he loved to train painters in application techniques and business skills and show them to how provide exceptional customer service.

craig loweCraig Lowe, a Mississsauga, Ont. painter (Lowe Painting) who appeared on Mike Holmes’ TV shows – and who also ran the TV star’s Holmes Referred certified contractor program – died August 2 while scuba diving at Asby Bay, Cape Breton, NS.

Lowe, 41, went missing Saturday night after heading out on his own for a solo dive – after having, reportedly, dived during the day with others. His body was found close to his boat, 300 metres from shore. The site of the dives was, reportedly, the location of a well-known 18th century shipwreck which may contain still undiscovered treasure. Lowe was an experienced scuba diver, described on his company’s website, where there is a tribute, as a “treasure hunter, lover of life, and passionate adventure seeker.” The specific cause of his death – he was diving in shallow water reported as about 4 metres deep – was to be the focus of a coroner’s inquest in Halifax.

Canadian Contractor‘s sister publication, Pro Painter, featured Lowe in its Spring 2013 issue, in an article about the launch of the Holmes Referred program. At the time of the interview, Lowe was busy signing up the first batch of contractors – mostly painters – into the program. At the same time, he was still the owner/operator of Lowe Painting, which he had operated very successfully for more than 20 years.

During the interview, Lowe talked passionately about why he loved the painting business, how he had followed in his mother’s footsteps (she was a decorator), and how much he enjoyed training painters on techniques, business skills and – above all – exceptional customer service.


Mike Holmes said in a statement: “I have been with working with Craig since day one of Holmes on Holmes. He was a generous, dedicated and talented man who was always willing to lend a hand.”

Lowe is survived by his wife, Kaley, and four children.

The celebration of Craig Lowe’s life will take place at Campbellville, ON, on Monday, August 18th.

Details of this memorial gathering, and a tribute to Lowe, are on the Lowe Painting website here.



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25 Comments » for Craig Lowe, Mike Holmes' painter, dies while scuba diving off Cape Breton
  1. Mike Draper says:

    This is terrible, sad news, my thoughts go out to all who knew Craig.

  2. Dave Bennett says:

    The 360renos team is so sorry to hear the terrible news. Our thoughts and prayers with Craig’s family and friends


  3. Steve Hughes Painting & Fine Finishes says:

    Hi, my name is Steve Hughes. I’m a contractor in the Orillia and surrounding area. I had just finished watching Holmes on Homes and unfortunately at the end of the program learned that Craig Lowe had passed away.

    I watch the program regularly as it helps me to become a better contractor. Quality, professionalism and pride are often hard to find in this business…. it’s always refreshing to know there are other like minded individuals that feel the same way as I do…..I’m by no means of the same calibre as Craig was, but always aim for the highest in quality when it comes to my work. Craig has given many tips on the program over the years which I always place in my tool bag and refer to when needed.

    My condolences and thoughts are with his family, colleagues & friends.

    Steve Hughes
    Steve Hughes Painting & Fine Finishes

    • Fred Garvin says:

      Come on man…did you really need to throw in an advertisement for your business at the end of your comments. Sad.

      • Avatar photo Robert Koci says:

        I think you’re being a bit too harsh, Fred. It doesn’t read like an ad. I suppose he could have left off his contact info, but that’s about it.

      • Dale says:

        Not an ad for himself at all… Many people have their company and/or contact information at the end of any correspondence. It’s actually professional.

  4. Stanley James Wise says:

    Dear Craig’s family, what a great person and teacher. I am an older man and always so interested in his talents as a tradesman and person. Not to often we find a person like Craik.
    His family and friends must be so proud of him. May God bless your family and friends he touched so many lives. My family comes from Pictou Novia Scotia.
    May his teachings go on. Stan and Stella Port Moody , B.C.

  5. Penny says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of Craig’s loss at such a young age. I have enjoyed watching him on your show and hope that his family finds peace.

  6. Fred Garvin says:

    Sad to hear about Craig’s death. Even sadder to see a comment posted by Steve Hughes just so he can plug his business.

  7. Jim and Lisa Crowley says:

    Our hearts go out to Craig’s family. It was such a shock to learn of his passing. My wife and I live in Phoenix. And always enjoyed watching Craig and the Holmes people at work. They are true pro’s. I learned a lot about painting and staining from watching Craig. Watching people who enjoy their work and have fun doing it. Makes it a little easier dealing with his loss. R.I.P Craig.

  8. Jim Cartner says:

    To the Lowe Family;
    Through watching Mike Holmes’ various shows here in the States, we laughed, we were taught, and we were shown the level of expertise we should all strive for in everything we do, and the rewards that come with it. Sometimes easy, sometimes long, but always stay the course till the job is done. Because we are in the states the timeline is a little behind, but were equally shocked to hear we lost someone of quality and integrity and a core piece of Mike’s group. I will say a prayer for Craig and you, his loving family. May God bless you all as you move forward in your life, and thanks for sharing your diamond in the rough.

  9. Lawrence Read says:

    I’ve been watching Craig on Mike Holmes’ programs. He was a true professional and I was shocked to hear of his loss.
    The only positive I can come up with is because Craig Lowe was such a great person, humanitarian, loving father and husband is that God needed him.
    Be honored to have known him and be certain he is in God’s loving grace.

  10. Leanne says:

    The Show that Mike dedicated to Craig just aired in New Zealand, so sad to hear, love and prayers to Craig’s Family and Friends!! xox

  11. Melanie Marshall says:

    I am a dedicated viewer of the Mike Homes shows~ I have seen Craig on many occasions~ He made the team complete.. for his dedication and great skills~ I am so sorry for the loss of a man who will be missed by so many.. his family, friends, co-workers and us.. his viewers~ Good Bye, Craig.. may you be on another great adventure of life~ xoxo

  12. Carlo says:

    Has there been any answers to how this tragedy occurred? Was the possibility of murder by any treasure claim owners investigated?

  13. Eddie McMurray says:

    I wrote a poem as tribute to Craig Lowe to be featured in my collection of Poetry, entitled THE GRANITE ORCHARD. It should be available in about a month through Barnes and Noble. The collection is in SIX VOLUMES, and I think Craig is in BOOK 1 or 2. I will post the WEBSITE at a later date when the books are printed.

    • James McCormack says:

      Another ad to sell your 6 volumes is it? You couldn’t post it here in tribute to Craig Lowe now? I remember watching the show that announced Craig’s passing and the shock and sadness I felt. I just finally Googled it to see what had happened! Such a shame and how sad for all Craig’s family, co-workers and fans of the Holmes shows! I still feel it every repeat I watch, which is usually every day or two here in Australia. Commiserations again to all who Craig Lowe touched in his life.

      • EDDIE RAY MCMURRAY says:

        Nope. Not an ad. The books sell themselves. I would be happy to post the poem. Just was not sure it would be seen by his family, etc. Not everyone is a hawker filled with greed.

  14. i hate to hear of craigs loss iwatch him on mike holmes for years he was an amazing painter i know mike loves all his crew they are the best when it comes to fixing up a home i,m like mike always saids i would hate to try and take there work apart my prayers go out to all the family and mikes crew may god hold him in the palm of his hand god bless you all

  15. Eddie Ray McMurray says:

    Greetings to all,

    I just wanted each of you, as well as, Mike Holmes to know that I wrote a poem or two about Craig and he is included in my 7 Book Collection of Poems entitled THE GRANITE ORCHARD. Volume 1 is on the market, and as I recall, Craig is in BOOK 2 or 3 or both. I will be happy to send a copy of the poem, but would rather send a copy of the books when published. Book 1 is already out. I so admired Craig and Mike Holmes and was deeply saddened by his passing. I would also like to send Mike a copy of the Book. If possible tell me how I might contact him. I will be in touch.

    Eddie Ray McMurray
    305 Walnut Street
    Springhill, LA 71075-4059

  16. I miss seeing Craig on the various Holmes shows that aire. Craig was the best painter that God put on this earth. He was dedicated, caring, loving and most of all humble about his craft. RIP Craig. You are loved and missed!

  17. mark says:

    sir u r best

  18. George Zeolla says:

    RIP Craig Lowe. We’ve been watching Mike and all his team since day 1. You will be very sorrowfully missed Craig. George Zeolla from Detroit, MI

  19. Wendy Berry-Gacsi says:

    I just watched an old “Holmes” program and caught the in memoriam dedication! My deepest sympathies are extended to family and friends. Craig was one of my favourite tradesmen on Holmes. Clearly he is terribly missed and always will be! If you gotta go, doing what you love is the way!️

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