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Why The Holmes Group ended their contractor referral program

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The Holmes Group has closed down its Holmes Referred Contractors program, citing a "reevaluation" of the group's priorities. It, instead, will refocus on other activities and sub-brands that Mike Holmes is championing.

We recently reported that that the Holmes Referred Contractors program is officially terminated as of July 15th.

We also said in the first version of that post that the Holmes Group had not responded to our request for information as to why the program was being ended.  This was inaccurate: The Holmes Group had, in fact, offered to explain why the program was being terminated but we had not completed that interview when we published our story. We apologize to our readers and to the Holmes folks.

Here, then, is what the Holmes Group has to say about the ending of its contractor referral program, sent to us by Amanda Holmes…

“The decision to cease all operations regarding the Holmes Referred Contractors program was the result of the reevaluation of The Holmes Group’s priorities as an international brand and its respective divisions — Make It Right Productions Inc., HOLMES Communities, HOLMES Approved Homes, MIKE HOLMES Inspections, HOLMES Products, HOLMES Workwear and The Holmes Foundation.”


“Contractors and tradespeople involved in the Holmes Referred Contractors program exceeded client expectations and program standards through their skill and integrity to doing a job right. However, after weeks of discussions, research, strategic planning and analysis, the company decided that it was necessary to refocus its resources on education and on helping homeowners through its existing principal divisions.”

“The Holmes Group is dedicated to delivering quality and a level of service that goes beyond the minimum. We would like to thank all Holmes Referred Contractors for their commitment and for continuing to make it right.”



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