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Luxury kitchen and bath products that bring tranquility to your home


There’s something rejuvenating about a day at the spa. Whether it’s the plush robes, the warm steam or the soft scent of aromatherapy oils – the environment has a magical way of unraveling the stress of our everyday lives.

Few of us can go to the spa as much as we’d like to. But, thanks to new innovations from the leaders in bathroom plumbing and fixtures, you can bring many aspects of the spa home.



“Bath technology has come a long way in developing residential spa products,” says Rick Cooke, manager of The Water Closet in Orillia. “They now do more than ever before. It’s really incredible.”

Just like in a spa, these products relax the body by engaging many of our bodies’ senses.

“Take a product like ChromaSteam by Mr. Steam,” says Rick. “It will turn your regular shower into a steam shower that can be infused with aromatherapy oils and adjustable coloured lighting, which can be set to match your mood.”

For those that like to relax to music, Mr. Steam also has a water-resistant shower speaker system called AudioWizard. “It can be used with or without the steam shower system to wirelessly play any digital music files from a smartphone,” says Rick.

Once you’ve found the right water temperature, Mr. Steam’s iTempo Plus technology remembers the temperature digitally for your next steam shower.

“Even baths have been given an upgrade,” says Rick. “From volcanic limestone tubs from Victoria + Albert that have natural minerals, to tonic massage baths from Produits Neptune that envelope you with champagne-like bubbles. Other baths can include heated back rests to cushion and soothe your shoulders and back.  There are so many options on the market to ease your body after a busy day.”

Warm Comfort

Spa-like comforts extend past showers and baths with in-floor radiant heating and towel warmers.

“One of the best towel warmers we’ve seen is from LaLOO. This isn’t a closed box that you need to reach into for a towel. It’s literally a towel rack that will warm your towel or robe to 81 degrees in a matter of minutes,” says Rick. “These electric warmers are wonderful. When you’re not using them to warm your towel, they can warm blankets for cold days or hanging delicates to dry.”

Add luxury

The best way to complete a spa-like bathroom is with luxurious finishes, says Rick. “Rose gold finishes are very on-trend this year. They’re a great way to warm up a colour palate while adding that extra level of luxury,” says Rick.

Another classic way to add opulence is by selecting fixtures that feature crystal accents.
“The RSVP bathroom faucet by Brizo is a great example of a simple way to add some sparkle,” says Rick. “If you’re not ready to change out your faucet, you can update your cabinet and vanity hardware with crystal handles like those from Lukx.”

They’re small details, Rick says, but they make a basic bathroom feel extravagant.


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Photo by: Chris Thwaites Article by:  Shelanne Jennings of Dockside Magazine


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