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Beware ransomware

June 23, 2020
By Patrick Flannery

Got the following from Brendan Charters

Just a heads up to contractor nation – there are a tonne of phishing email scams out there targeting contractors of late.

We got hit last week – our servers overtaken by ransomware. Fortunately we had a backup that was only 2 weeks old, but wanted to warn our colleagues as it is costly and debilitating and not what any of us need right now!

Be sure you have a regular backup (cloud or physical hard drive)…and check to make sure its working – we had both and only one functioned as designed.


We suspect it came from a link a lot of people received for a custom home quote from as we never received a reply and are now receiving GC for industrial project leads from the same sender, with just a link. Shortly after that email our servers were fully encrypted.


We have never felt more our old age than now….we thought this stuff only happened to octogenarians!

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