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“The CEO of the WSIB is just another no-heart, no-soul executive looking for a big bonus on the backs of Mr. Public,” reader charges

I. David Marshall, president and CEO of Ontario’s WSIB, is entering the final year of his five-year contract. He will almost certainly make $800,000 over the next 12 months: base pay of $400,000 and a $400,000 bonus.

How will he earn that $400,000 bonus? Well, his contract, posted online here, says that he will be awarded 20 per cent per year of his total contract over 5 years (at $400,000 per year, that’s $80,000 per each of his 5 years) for coming up with a plan to reduce the WSIB’s unfunded liability (which stands at just south of $14-billion!).

What plan has he enacted? Well, among other things, he is presiding over an agency that is hoovering up another 50,000 to 90,000 contractors into the WSIB system (as part of Bill 119, which came into force a year ago).  Under Bill 119, vast numbers of formerly-exempt contractors must cough up the dough Рor risk being prosecuted.

This is what our reader Jacques N. Arbic thought about that, in his online post on Dec. 11.

“The CEO of WSIB is just another no-heart, no-soul executive looking for a big bonus on the backs of Mr. Public.

These CEOs only see, think and dream green. They are a curse to small business.”

What do you think? Is Mr. Arbic right? Or is he being too cynical?

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Steve Payne is the editor of Canadian Contractor magazine
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  1. He is just another parasite in the long list of bugs that are sucking the life out of everybody that is just trying to have a little fun before the grave.he is the same as a polician and should never be trusted.remember,its all about the money,and unless your a lowlife,you will never reap their rewards

  2. Speaking as someone who has had a WSIB claim and was basically told that there was nothing wrong with me and then being denied coverage and then been told “yeah we’ll send you to Physio”. I wonder WHY we are even paying into WSIB as it is just another Insurance Carrier.
    Another Scenario- Our company truck is involved in an accident where we got hit by another vehicle [not our fault] so we contact WSIB to cover our techs who were injured in the crash.
    They tell us that our own Insurance will cover the costs of physio and rehab….so why do we pay into WSIB??
    making the new contractors and one-man ops, who are not currently covered apparently will make them more legitimate {??] or drive them deeper underground. Either way, WSIB Rakes in more money and pays out less. Their CEOs and Employees make more money that I do in my own many small contractors do..
    It really makes you rethink why you have Business Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Personal Insurance and then WSIB Insurance.
    You can only claim injuries on one carrier!!! so……why bother?? except the law says you have to have Insurance..but now WSIB is making us have double insurance/ double payments and can still only claim on one policy….go figure…

    • Thanks Yvette for posting your comments.
      We all seem to have had bad experiences with WSIB.

  3. In this day age, lets consider ourselfs lucky ! I’m surprised he did not cut himself in for a percentage of the total take ! This is of course Ontario where it stands for take from the private and give to the public !

  4. The irrational policies of the WSIB and Quebec’s equivalent the CSST, are a result of the federal governments offloading of the cost of universal health care to the provinces.
    The provinces have in turn offloaded the costs to business’s like mine resulting in ridiculous legislation and rules defining who is an autonomous worker and who is an employee.

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