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What are you going to do for your clients this holiday season?

Having reasons to follow up with a client always seems to be a challenge. But the holiday seaon is reason enough in itself. Clients love to be remembered. And what better time of year to hand deliver a small gift to both current and previous clients.

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December 17, 2012 by Mike Draper

“Bah! Humbug!”…

What are you going to do for your clients this holiday season?  Regardless of what your holiday traditions are, think about and thank your clients.  Clients love to be remembered and what better time of year to do so. Anytime you have the opportunity to have contact with a client you need to take full advantage of it.  Consider these statistics on homeowners’ buying patterns from a recent presentation I gave:

2% buy on the 1st call

3% buy on the 2nd call

4% buy on the 3rd call

10% buy on the 4th call

81% buy on (or after) the 5th call

Having reasons to follow-up with a client always seems to be a challenge.  We don’t want to bug our clients so we tend not to follow-up enough.  This is more costly to your business than following up often.  The key to successful follow-up is to make sure that your follow-up is relevant to the homeowner.  Relevant follow-up is well received.  What could be more relevant at this time of year than a small holiday gift for current and previous clients?

Nothing too fancy is required.  Some gift ideas are: a bottle of wine, flowers, design ideas coffee table book, candle, etc.  The key though, is to hand deliver it.  Nothing speaks as loud as taking the time to hand deliver a gift.

Not only will your clients appreciate it, you will elevate your company far above your competition.  You might even get one homeowner that say’s “ Was just thinking of you.  We want to renovate our kitchen in the New Year!”

Happy Holidays to you and your family.  We here at Renovantage wish you lots of  success in 2013.

Mike Draper

Mike Draper

Mike Draper is a Master Coach with Renovantage. Renovantage is a first-of-its-kind business group for home renovators in Canada. (
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