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Basement renovation: The value of a professional opinion

An improper or rushed basement floor installation can lead to serious moisture and mold hazards.

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June 23, 2015 by DMX Plastics Ltd.

For a new family on a budget or an inexperienced homeowner, the decision to renovate a basement can be intimidating, confusing and potentially expensive. In most cases, a basement is remodelled because the client is looking to maximize space and comfort in all areas of their property. In other situations, basement renovation is a direct necessity: to fix immediate damage caused by flooding or other unforeseen events. Generally speaking, a first time homeowner lacks the knowledge to draft up detailed floor plans, carefully examine potential moisture problems and complete their overall vision.

The likelihood remains that most homeowners at some point will use a third-party service to somehow upgrade or otherwise remodel their basement. With the residential renovation industry continuing to grow and forming a massive part of North American commerce, basement remodelling has become big business in its own right. As new projects and potential sales increase, it remains important to represent a high standard of quality in order to maintain a professional reputation. Whether the client is trying to expand living space, or wants a few aesthetic upgrades before putting their property on the market, common renovation mistakes can lead to major problems down the road.

Poor basement renovation jobs are often a result of ignoring fundamental problems, such as major cracks in the foundation of the structure and insufficient waterproofing throughout the flooring and walls. Here’s an example of the type of situation that requires a special treatment from a professional:

Homeowners often make these situations worse if they attempt a DIY installation without proper research or materials. For example, an improper or rushed floor installation can lead to serious moisture and mold hazards and may require the entire flooring system to be gutted out. Clients need to be made aware that poor installations with cheap materials will not save money in the long run and will most likely require larger scale projects to remedy the situation.

Although the customer is looking to improve the visual quality and comfort of their home, the underlying focus for any contractor or professional should be ensuring the basement is built to last and that the installation is done correctly. As with any project, an initial small investment in a basement can become a huge financial liability if installation is not done correctly and with adequate materials – safety & health can be on the line.


DMX Plastics Ltd.

DMX Plastics Ltd.

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