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KOHLER Konnect: Smart Home Products

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This is a sponsored post from Kohler.

Smart products are the next evolution of leading-edge design and technology at Kohler Co. We work with the best partners in the industry to bring technology and design expertise together in developing a product that is best for the consumer. To be effective, technology today must be used to enable the ultimate experience for the consumer.

Kohler approaches innovation in a purposeful, user-centric manner to provide ways for people to live healthier and better lifestyles. As we develop new products, we will innovate around providing experiences that enhance user safety, health and adding further delight. ​

​We have an opportunity to build a better consumer experience with technology in the bathroom. When we put consumer needs at the centre of our product development, we are able to deliver solutions and experiences that are meaningful and different to the user. In turn, you can demonstrate yourself as being on the forefront of technology and provide your clients with additional options for their bathroom and kitchen renovations.

‘Turn my faucet on.” “Pour two cups.” Kohler’s Touchless and Konnected smart kitchen faucets with voice-activated technology dispense measured amounts of water with a spoken command. Just say the words to turn the water on, fill containers to a preset level or dispense a specific quantity. In addition to voice control, these touchless faucets include a motion sensor that turns water on and off with a wave of the hand. Kohler’s Touchless and Konnected faucets provide a variety of sprays to make daily kitchen tasks easier. The faucet works with the KOHLER Konnect™ app so customers can monitor water usage and be notified of unusual flow.

The Verdera® Voice Lighted Mirror with Amazon Alexa is the first-to-market bathroom lighted mirror available to consumers that has Amazon Alexa embedded. Clients get all of the functionality of an Amazon Echo, like shopping, playing music, receiving traffic updates, or control any Alexa enabled product, without creating clutter in the bathroom. ​The Verdera Voice serves as the centrepiece of the KOHLER Konnect portfolio of smart products. It gives the ability to control other KOHLER Konnect products by voice; you can also control KOHLER Konnect devices via an app. ​

Personalize your shower to feel like a spa or enjoy eleven pre-programmed spa experiences professionally designed to soothe your muscles, energize your mind or help you unwind. Choose additional settings for steam, light and music to enrich your showering experience. The DTV+™ showering system with KOHLER Konnect® allows you to create presets for sound, water, steam, and lighting. Activate experiences through voice control and use the KOHLER Konnect app to set your personalized preferences.

KOHLER® intelligent toilets epitomize the Smart Home approach with clean lines and leading-edge designs that make a stunning statement in any bathroom. They can be found in world-class buildings the world over, but they’re equally at home in your client’s own bathroom. Every intelligent toilet provides a full suite of unrivaled features and amenities designed to keep them comfortable and clean so that they feel confident and self-assured.​ Features include:

  • Motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing of seat and cover
  • Advanced bidet functionality
  • Heated seats
  • Nightlights
  • Deodorizing

We distinguish ourselves as the only manufacturer with a suite of products that ties in design across the entire platform and with our technology and design-driven innovations that delight our customers.


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