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Never make a plumbing-fixture pricing mistake again

"The American Standard pricing guide is an excellent easy-to-read resource and a saving grace for any questions on key product details"

Whether specifying for a job or learning how to install a certain product, having the necessary resources at your fingertips is incredibly important. This is why American Standard has placed a huge priority on making their pricing guide extremely comprehensive, packed with valuable information like product codes, product descriptions, instructions on how to order, pricing, colour options, and much more.

The pricing guide is divided into three categories including fixtures, faucets and commercial offerings. Each section shows images of every product along with details and descriptions including dimensions, weight, colour, and list price.

Their extensive ‘Iconography’ glossary at the front offers simple visual references to a number of features, benefits and product insights. American Standard has developed Feature, Technology, and Compliance icons that represent several industry-leading features, technologies and performance attributes built into their product solutions. The icons serve as proof-points that help to quickly and simply communicate product specifications and compliances.

Whether you are new to the trade or a seasoned professional, this guide provides an all-in-one source for anyone in the kitchen, bath, and commercial categories.

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*Due to large file size, the pricing guide may take a few moments to download.