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Steve Payne   

Why the National Building Code isn’t free… and shouldn’t be, either

Canadian Contractor

The National Research Council uses funds from the sale of the National Building Code to do valuable work, reader Jessie says

Recently, some contractors have posted complaints that the National Building Code, which costs $295 for a print version, $182 a year online, should be FREE. There have been a lot of votes in favour of a no-charge NBC. But reader Jessie begs to differ, and here’s the post…

“The NBC is published by the National Research Council of Canada. If you read what it does in the act that created it , you may understand what may play a part in it. The funds that it makes goes back to the NRC to make up-to-date building models, and fire-safety models. The same goes for the Canadian Standards Association. It’s easier to do this than have taxpayers pay out of pocket to fund these entities. It would be nice to see them to allow apprentices access to these via their apprenticeship number at a discounted rate.”


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