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B.C. entrepreneur pushing "hempcrete" as a building material for walls

Hempcrete is made by mixing the woody core of the hemp plant with a lime-based binder. The mixture is slip-formed over a wood-frame wall.

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May 28, 2014 by Steve Payne

Jayeson Hendrysan, a Bowen Island, B.C. entrepreneur, believes he has found the perfect new building material for walls. Goodbye wood, insulation, poly, drywall, etc. Hello, walls made of “hempcrete”: a substance made from the woody core of the hemp plant and lime-based binder.

He is attempting to use “crowd funding” (fundraising from the internet) to finance his venture. Hempcrete is not a structural element, but is slip-poured over the structural wood framing to form a solid wall. The resulting hempcrete all has, Hendrysan says, excellent insulative properites. He has build a dozen structures using hempcrete over the last decade, including homes in Nelson, B.C., Salt Spring Island, B.C. and Bowen Island, B.C.

“We’re in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign,” Hendrysan told The Western Producer. See the full story here.

Steve Payne

Steve Payne

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7 Comments » for B.C. entrepreneur pushing "hempcrete" as a building material for walls
  1. Ronald W Cudney says:

    I am very interested in Hempcrete building material. I was in the building material distribution business at one time and this product seems to be quite unique. I have some property that could be used to start a distribution center and I also have time to promote it’s quality and deliverability. I would be interested in more information.

    Thanks so much

    Ron Cudney

  2. Kim Goslin says:

    I am interested in Hempcrete. We will be building a new house this year and wondering if its feasible price wise to use Hempcrete.

    • It’s very feasible price-wise to use hempcrete. There are definitely better ways to use it and also more costly ways to work with it.
      Where are you living? Please let me know and I will try to direct you in the right direction.

  3. todd powell says:

    I am very interested in Hempcrete building material. I am owner of Powell’s masonry .. a new business here in thunder bay ON, .cell..7097003312 or
    i am interested in buying the product and distribution

  4. Kevin Charlton says:

    Could your product be used instead of EPS in structural insulated panels ….?
    as a greener approach to MgO board…?
    Conduit for electrical,geothermal….?

  5. jacquie says:

    please could you tell me where i can buy hempcrete in canada??/