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B.C. improving credential recognition for internationally trained professionals

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Oct. 19, 2023 – In anticipation of legislation coming this fall, B.C. is set to hold a fair credentials town hall with internationally trained professionals, key organizations and advocates to talk about progress made on international credential recognition in health care and the work being done to expand to all sectors of the economy.

Many internationally trained professionals need their qualifications recognized to continue in their chosen careers. To address unnecessary barriers and make the process fairer, easier and faster across professions, the upcoming legislation is designed to help regulatory bodies improve the credential recognition process and make it easier for people to use their skills to work in B.C., no matter where they were trained.

Following consultations and public engagement with more than 1,450 people – from internationally trained professionals, educational institutions, immigrant-serving organizations, business associations, health-care associations, regulatory authorities, to members of the public – a report was released in July that identified several priorities to improve credential recognition.

Upcoming legislation will outline new responsibilities for professional regulatory bodies under several themes:

  • Accountability: Regulators will be accountable to government and the public for protecting public health, safety and the environment by using inclusive and fair processes that enable all qualified applicants to get certified.
  • Fairness: Applicants will be treated equitably and fairly, without prejudice.
  • Transparency: Regulators will give applicants all the necessary information to understand how to get certified.
  • Efficiency: Applicants will get the information they need to get professional certification quickly and without unnecessary delays.

Over the next decade, 387,000 newcomers are expected to enter the B.C. workforce, filling 38 per cent of job openings.


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